Krystal LoPilato is an employment lawyer, grass-roots activist and gun violence prevention advocate.

Sarah Lacy
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Here’s a glimpse of the episode:

  • Krystal shares how her career evolved as a lawyer and gun violence prevention advocate
  • How policies & legislation are expanding around the gun violence prevention movement
  • Why your career path/progression doesn’t need to be “linear”
  • Give yourself permission to do what you’re passionate about vs what society tells you to do
  • Krystal shares her process that lead to finding her calling
  • The ripple effect of gun violence
  • Intensity & diplomacy women bring to demanding political change
  • Representing difference life experiences in office
  • A glimpse at Krystal’s superpower
  • How Krystal draws inspiration from survivors and elected leaders fighting for change
  • The impact of gun violence on the next generation
  • How listeners can get involved
*Content Warning: This episode contains depictions of gun violence that could trigger certain audiences*

In this week’s episode…

Sarah sits down with Krystal LoPilato, a Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense volunteer leader, lawyer and gun violence prevention advocate to discuss how the work people like Krystal are doing helps people sleep better at night. Sarah and Krystal also discuss the ever-evolving gun violence prevention policies, how listeners can get involved and why women should allow themselves space to find and develop their passion. As Sarah says, awesome moms are those that fulfill their passions and set that example for their children to do the same. Krystal and Sarah also touch on the importance of women working in advocacy and politics, and how their skillsets bring forth and promote change.

Resources mentioned in this episode: