Neha Sampat is the Founder, CEO, Coach, and Consultant at GenLead | BelongLab, an agency specializing in individual and organizational leadership opportunities focused on the concept of belonging. Neha uses the power of social-science data and stories to help her clients align their personal goals with their work, amplify their unique voices, and integrate diverse backgrounds and perspectives to curate a generationally-diverse workforce. She has presented countless seminars and workshops on bridging the minority gap in the workplace, the bar exam and ADHD, and imposter syndrome.

Before creating her company GenLead | BelongLab, Neha was the Associate Dean and Adjunct Professor of Law and Leadership at Golden Gate University, School of Law.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Neha Sampat talks about her career and what led her to her current position
  • What is imposter syndrome?
  • How do minorities experience imposter syndrome compared to other races?
  • Neha recalls how her story has helped others confront their insecurities and build a better workplace
  • Owning Your Own Value
  • How do you respond to compliments?
  • Neha explains her superpower
  • Showing your vulnerability and why it doesn’t make you weak

In this episode…

Throughout your life, you have been told that you are intelligent, you are brave, and audacious: a leader. Your ego swells, but one day someone asks you a question that you can not answer. Does that mean you are not as intelligent as you thought? Or did they ask you the question to test your character?

This feeling of doubt and guilt is called imposter syndrome, which Neha Sampat, CEO and Coach at GenLead | BelongLab knows all too well. She talks about the impact of imposter syndrome with clients in weekly workshops and training about unconscious bias, diversity, and aligning your personal goals with your work goals.

Join us as host Sarah Nichols sit down to talk with Neha Sampat, Founder and CEO of GenLead | BelongLab. They discuss the importance of owning your voice, accepting the hard truths about unconscious bias, and honoring compliments. Neha also explains the concept of belonging and how it reaches into all areas of our lives. Keep listening for more.

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