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2910, 2020

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

October 29th, 2020|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , |

Nancie McDonnell Ruder is the President of Noetic Consultants, working with brands to define their markets, clarify their strategies, and build agency-client relationships. Before working with Noetic Consultants for the last 18 years, she started her career at the renowned Leo Burnett USA as a director before moving on to Noetic Consultants. Her past and current clients include AKQA, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Discovery Channel, General Motors, Inc CEO Project, Whirlpool, Leo Burnett Global, Nike, and many more. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: Nancie McDonnell Ruder recalls her career in the B2B marketing space The three questions from Brené Brown's book Dare to Lead that can help you redefine your life How can brand strategy help you to evolve your business? How has COVID changed the way you do business? Implementing social justice changes Nancie delves into how she found her voice at the University of Chicago What's your superpower? Nancie shares who inspires her to keep going In this episode… While many companies have switched to remote work, staying connected with the right people has never been more critical. Nancie McDonnell Ruder, President of Noetic Consultants, works with brands to redefine their strategy, [...]

2210, 2020

Don’t Stay in Your Lane with Cynthia Pong, Founder of Embrace Change

October 22nd, 2020|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , |

Cynthia Pong is a lawyer-turned-career coach, feminist career strategist, speaker, and the Founder of Embrace Change, an organization that provides mid-career women of color professionals with tailored coaching and training. Cynthia is also the author of Don't Stay in Your Lane: The Career Change Guide for Women of Color. After studying law at NYU and practicing as a public defender for 6 years, Cynthia decided to change course. Now, she’s on a mission to empower women of color to get the money, power, and respect they deserve. Cynthia has been featured far and wide on Refinery29, HuffPost, Fast Company, and more. She is also a LinkedIn Top Voice for job search and career. When it comes to career strategies, she breaks it down easily and always keeps it real. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: Cynthia Pong describes her transition from lawyer to career coach Allowing yourself to try a new career The future for women of color in the workplace How do you know if entrepreneurship works for you? How to deal with racial trauma in your life What is gaslighting and how can you recognize it in the workplace? Cynthia's advice to [...]

1510, 2020

You Either Win or You Learn with Cynthia Cleveland, Partner at CEO Coaching International

October 15th, 2020|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , |

Cynthia Cleveland is a 5-time CEO and an expert in developing, translating, and monetizing intellectual property rights into major global consumer brands and new businesses across diverse industries. She has led companies that have generated over $4 billion in worldwide sales across consumer products, entertainment and retail and have helped countless companies build their brand and capitalize on the market to create new sales funnel and successful marketing campaigns. Cynthia is currently a Partner at CEO Coaching International, a leading coaching firm for growth-focused CEOs and entrepreneurs. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: Cynthia Cleveland recalls her transition from teacher to a marketing executive. Cynthia shares her career journey and why it’s okay not to take a regular career path. How women lead differently than men during a crisis. How to find an opportunity during a tragedy. The value of learning to find support from your family and friends. How to pivot your business plan for the next six months to keep your employees safe Cynthia shares what inspires her to keep going. Cynthia’s best advice on how to become more resilient in your life In this episode… How do you foster resilience [...]

110, 2020

Harnessing Your Emotions and Money

October 1st, 2020|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , |

Jacquette Timmons is a financial behaviorist, speaker, coach, and the President and CEO of Sterling Investment Management. With her expertise, she has helped countless individuals understand their financial decisions and put them on track to financial freedom and well-being. Jacquette is the author of Financial Intimacy, a book that delves into relationship problems that may arise and how to mitigate them. She is also the More than Money podcast host, where she discusses the connection between psychology, emotions, and money. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: Jacquette recalls how she got started in the financial industry Common misconceptions about wealth What are the unspoken expectations you have about money? The role your emotional well-being plays in your financial decisions The benefits of tracking your money Jacquette's advice to her younger self about the purpose of negotiations and its power on your financial well-being Your wallet, whether virtual or physical, is a reflection of who you are What are the cultural nuances behind a successful negotiation? Jacquette shares her superpower and what it means to her In this episode… Money is power—but you already knew this. But, did you know that understanding your motives [...]

1009, 2020

Salty Wisdom

September 10th, 2020|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , , |

Sue Bunnell is the Senior Vice President and Managing Counsel for Wells Fargo as well as the President and Co-Chair of Leading Women in Technology (LWT), a women's professional development nonprofit. LWT’s mission is to help professional women develop the skills and experience they need to achieve their goals. Recently, Sue also joined the Board for the Professional BusinessWomen of California, which provides skill development, networking opportunities, and inspiration to women at all levels. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: How Sue Bunnell got to where she is today What is Sue’s superpower and how has she used it during the COVID-19 crisis? Sue talks about the moment in her career when she realized firsthand the bias that working women face You can’t tell people what to think—but you can show them that they need to think differently The empowerment and clarity that Sue gained from the WILpower program Working with the tools you have to achieve greater success How Sue counsels women who feel stuck in their careers Sue’s advice to women feeling “mama guilt” during the current pandemic In this episode… As working women, it can sometimes feel impossible to change [...]

309, 2020

We Can’t Do Everything but We Can Do Anything

September 3rd, 2020|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , |

Elise Holtzman is the President and Founder of The Lawyer's Edge and the host of The Lawyer's Edge Podcast. The Lawyer's Edge focuses on empowering attorneys and teaching them the tools for success that aren’t part of the law school curriculum. Her experience as a lawyer has given her expertise on where lawyers can improve their business and connect with clients. Elise has worked with practicing lawyers, professionals, and business leaders to further their business goals. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: Elise recalls how she got started as a lawyer How do you establish your value in your company? Why you need business development in your law firm Learning to make conscious decisions in life The power of relationships Elise talks about overcoming the fear of being imperfect Learning to say no What is your superpower? In this episode… Our lives are defined by the ways we choose to build our character and the action we take to reach our goals. Each decision we make will help to define the importance we place on our lives and the relationships around us. Elise Holtzman, President and Founder of The Lawyer's Edge, takes her [...]

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